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What comes next

So you’ve laid the groundwork for your language learning, focusing on form and practicing in your language classroom. Having reached a higher proficiency, you may wonder what you can do next to continue your improvement and expand your language and cultural knowledge. Research suggests that, after having secured a strong base in the target language, proceduralization (the conscious application of rules for language) is then said to begin. Next stop: Immersion

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Carmen Pérez Vidal

— Universitat Pompeu Fabra

"Try and reach out for international students around, or international young people maybe not in the university setting, and for secondary education students just other kids their age, and try and establish contact with them and do things with them."

"Organize other settings, other contexts which are different from FI, but sometimes complimentary, like immersion. Try and get classes taught in the language you want to keep improving and keep using."