Preparing for a job interview

Now that you’ve experienced the international classroom, why not prepare yourself to showcase your new skills in a job interview? Below you’ll find 10 questions that businesses interested in international candidates may ask you in an interview. Take it in turns to ask each other the questions. Perhaps your partner can give you some good ideas of what to say!

Suggested interview questions for international candidates

1 – You have written on your CV that you have had experience in an international classroom. Please tell me about this.

2 – Tell me about learning that went well for you inside the international classroom. This could be learning about language, culture, or be to do with what are known as psychosocial variables, such as motivation, anxiety and enjoyment. Then tell me what you have gone on to do with this knowledge.

3 – Tell me about learning that did not go so well for you outside the international classroom.. Then tell me what you did to rectify this.

4 – In your view, what is the educational purpose of an international classroom?

5 – What types of international classroom have you experienced?

6 – As I hope you know, we have [offices/clients/operations] in various countries. Why
should we recruit you over someone who has not experienced an international classroom?

7 – Do you think your experience in an international classroom was an educational privilege, and why/why not? Think about what skills you now have at your disposal and try to describe these in terms of a toolkit you could take with you if you were seconded to our [office in Singapore].

8 – What do you think those employees in this company who have not had an international classroom experience or moved around internationally during their careers could do to enhance their intercultural awareness and language skills?

9 – If I have 5 very similar CVs in front of me, with all candidates having experienced at least one type of an international classroom, why should I put your name forward for a second interview?

10 – What was the most important thing you learnt in your international classroom and why?